August 9, 2019

Three Tips For A Successful Pitch

As we slide into the fall fundraising season, entrepreneurs are busily preparing pitches to show off their hard work and raise the capital to move to the next stage. With that in mind, I would like to offer three quick tips to get your pitch started right. 

  1. Survive Thin-Slicing. In Blink, Malcolm Galdwell reviews the ability of people to form accurate judgements quickly. Investors are watching you from the moment you approach the presentation area. Act with confidence and purpose, and say as little as possible until you are presenting. If you’re nervous, stow it. If there is a tech problem, look on dis-interestedly while the team fixes it. This is being a CEO in a microcosm. Be the CEO. 
  2. Your first words are scripted. Your first statement to the audience is your name, your company, and what the company does stated in original tweet length or less. That’s it. You don’t need to warm the audience up, you don’t need to ask if everyone can hear you, or any other bs. 
  3. Finally, it is critical that in your next slide (your first real slide) you describe the problem you solve in a way that makes everyone present believe it’s real, and it’s worth solving. As an investor, if I don’t understand the problem or believe it, I become a disinterested spectator at this point. (If you talk about anything but the problem, or God forbid you talk about yourself or your team, I assume you are a moron.)

Good luck with your pitch. For information about Denver seed stage pitches, visit Rockies Venture Club.

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