Lessons Learned In A Remodeling Project

Cast as wide a net as you can to find the right contractor – assume 3-6 months to make a selection. Strongly consider being your own GC for projects <100K Check contractor references, and specifically jobs in last 3-6 months, and last two jobs. GCs will pitch with a Business Development person. This may not […]

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A Magical Yuletide

I was enamored of three particular items that entered our house in and around Christmas. In each case they were magical, transformative, and point to a brighter future. First up was the Philips Hue lightbulb I picked up as an impulse buy at Best Buy. The bulb promises 16 million colors and 0-820 lumens. With […]

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Silicon Flatirons Event

I’ve had learning more about blockchain and cryptocurrencies on my list for a while, so I was delighted to see that Silicon Flatirons is sponsoring an event on November 29. I’m hoping this crash course┬átakes me out of the depths of ignorance.

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